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Savvy Sisterhood is a community of women who cherish continual growth and the discovery of themselves in a place of support, love, and knowledge. We will learn, grow and form unbreakable bonds as the powerful women we are.

The most important feature of Savvy Sisterhood is that individually we are strong and unique, but together we sing loud and are insurmountable!

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Savvy Sisterhood is a community of women who cherish continual growth and the discovery of themselves in a place of support, love,and knowledge.

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What People Are Saying

“I was introduced to Alena Chapman’s work when she spoke at a conference where there were many coaches competing to capture attention and gain clients.  I chose to sign up to engage with Alena because I was impressed that she knew her “stuff” and she was authentic and sincere.  Competence, authenticity and sincerity is exactly what I have enjoyed in working with Alena.  She has gone out of her way to go extra miles with me. She is warm, supportive and full of helpful guidance.”

Hattie Parker, MS Ed. Astrologer and Creatrix of Kickass Goddess Awakening

“Alena knows her stuff. I highly recommend the Break Free process and program.”

Bob Proctor, Proctor Gallagher Institute

“Alena is compassionate and knowledgable. I suffered with critical thoughts for years – thanks to Alena I am Free. My life has done a 360 and for once I am gaining what I want in my life.”

Dave Falle, Internet Business Mechanic

“The Gentle strength and professional presentation of BreakFree – it is Beautiful along with helping understand and gain the strength I needed to BreakFree of the toughest part of my life.”

Christina H.

About Alena

Alena Chapman is an author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. She has dedicated her life to helping others discover their true desires and create happy, fulfilling lives. Alena has studied self-improvement for over 10 years. During this journey she has developed a strong understanding of why people stay stuck in lives they do not want to live. She has instructed at Right Relations Family Enrichment, teaching the same skills she shares in her new book, You Can’t Escape From A Prison If You Don’t Know You’re In One.

Through book writing, compiling her weekly email newsletters, and conducting on-line group coaching sessions, Alena joyfully pursues her passion of leading people to new lives in which they experience their highest levels of happiness, confidence, strength, and purpose.

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