Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

– Mary Oliver

What an amazing conversation! Nicole Moore, an artist and designer using her talents to help women all over the world, was absolutely inspiring! She’s also Director of Operations at Creative Women of the World, and we had the opportunity to speak on Women’s Equality Day. This episode is absolutely life changing!

Join us and learn:

  • How she’s using simple things we usually take for granted to help girls gain freedom and education

  • Do taboos (fear) keep people from moving forward as a culture? How?

  • What do you do when you want to help, but can’t?  Nicole uses this feeling to do even more.

  • Looking the other way, or closing your eyes to a situation, doesn’t help them or you.

  • Roll up your sleeves, because the long-haul is what’s needed to make real change.

  • Can building relationships between people of different countries change perceptions and overcome cultural differences?

  • FGM is not religious! So what is it and why?

  • The power of men to help women rise!

  • This 32 billion dollar industry has a larger hold on the US than we think – about half the industry finds its home in the United States. Can you guess which shocking industry this is?

  • We are a small world after all!

  • Learn what a starfish has to do with saving the world – something to really remember.

And so much more …


Listening Links

If you’d like to support what Nicole Moore is doing, you can go to Fields of Dreams Uganda to support the Girl Empowerment Program (  or Creative Women of the World to support their Women’s Empowerment Training Programs (