Since the day I decided firmly that I wanted to be happy and found a book sitting on the table at the bookstore the very next morning with the title “How to Live a Happy Life,” I have never doubted the power of decision.

The Law of Attraction focuses on making a decision. When you decide what you want and focus on it, magic happens. Every self-help guru asks you, “What do you want?” causing you to think and make a decision. Most people answer feebly, not sure of what they truly want in their lives. Or they suddenly begin to list why they can’t have what they want in life. They seem afraid to make the decision.

Each day of our lives we must make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions without even thinking. Half the time we live on autopilot, not remembering how that donut got into our hands or feeling bad about how we reacted when our child crashed the family car.

Yes, decision is very important for the major changes in our lives such as purpose; where we want to live; marriage and having children. But little thought goes into the everyday, every minute type of decisions. However, these seemingly small decisions define our character, who we are, and our deepest held beliefs.

If we say we are compassionate but our thoughts and actions are catty or judgmental, or we feel people should live with integrity but instead we tell small lies or do not stand by our word, we are undermining the person we want to be.

Each minute is a minute that we can begin again. And each minute we define how we want to begin. This is powerful. Every minute of every day I can begin again. So if I do not like how I am reacting to a situation, I can stop, think and begin again responding the way I think is best.

I am the type of person that if you say something works a certain way, then I have to test it out and see if this assumption or concept is correct. I did this with the concept of every minute I can change me, my life and in particular a discussion or disagreement. My handsome middle son is not a morning person. Every morning seems to be a battle to get him from bed to the car. And even worse he always wants to blame me for his tardiness. By the time I drop him off at school, I am exhausted. This was the perfect situation to try “every moment is a moment to begin” concept.

The very next morning I woke him at the usual 6:00 a.m. time. I heard the grumbling begin and replied calmly, “We need to leave the house by 6:50 a.m. I will see you in the car.” At that point I got myself dressed, put together a small to-go breakfast for both of us and got in the car to wait. At 7:50 he was not in the car. This was no surprise but it was my moment to change how I wanted to be and the result I wanted to create. So instead of going into the house frustrated, I walked calmly into his room and said, “It is time to go. You have a choice to either be on time or be late and get a detention. It is up to you!” I walked back to the car. In three minutes my son appeared ready to go.

Now, this may seem so simple but I was astounded. I did not have to be the raving lunatic mother. I did not have to feel so much responsibility for his lack of caring about time. Instead, I allowed him to make the decision he needed to make all along. And I needed to respect that it was his decision, not mine.

We are now on time every morning! I am not exhausted and my son is happy. Our car ride is full of discussion and fun.

All it takes is becoming conscious of our situation or where we are at and making the decision of where we want to go from there, who do we want to be, how do we want to proceed and what do we want to achieve? The key is to act on that decision without doubt or waffling. It is a firm decision.
Take time today to observe yourself without blame. What in your life do you want to “begin again”? How do you want to be instead? How do you want to achieve this? Then act on it.

Just think there are no more excuses because you have the ability to change in every minute given. You just have to decide.

Want to know a Secret?

You were already deciding, you just didn’t know it! Now the power is with you because you are aware! Imagine the mountains you can move with this new awareness!

Watch out – Here you come!

Light and Love always!