When you read or hear the word “discovery,” what do you think of?


I took a little survey and found many people think of “seek and you shall find,” or they think of a treasure hunt and discovering the treasure. Each has the theme of pursuit in order to find or achieve.


What happens if we try a different method? What if we don’t seek or search? What if we set our intention and then surrender the “how”? In other words, we know where we want to go, but we surrender the “how” to the Universe, or God/Infinite Source.


Surrender is where discovery unfolds!


This past weekend I attended an event to celebrate women authors. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I had three goals: Connect with other women authors, sell some books, and write three blogs.


The event did not seem to run as smoothly as the organizers wanted. As soon as I noticed things getting a little chaotic, I decided to go with the flow but also focus on the results of my intentions —how it feels to have the connections, the work done, and books sold. Then I had to surrender how to achieve these intentions, to let it happen the way the Universe wanted it to happen for me.

The next morning, I was late for breakfast. I am not a morning person. Most of the group sat at one large table with no room left for me. Well, OK, I thought; I will sit at my own table and maybe talk to the others from there. Right at that moment a husband and wife entered, so I asked if they would like to join me.


Little did I know that these two people would not only become incredible friends but they would also take me on a magical day of learning, discovery, and fun.


They asked me to join them to go and see a historic, rustic old New England town.  Work could definitely wait.


The town was full of beautiful old stone buildings built on the rocky mountainside with all sorts of nooks and crannies to explore. A gently flowing river with crystal clear water and pieces of ice floating along its currents created a sense of peace, clarity, and balance.


We casually made our way to a store filled with everything and anything. It was amazing. Even if I had a week in the store, I would not see everything it held.  One section was filled with stones, including semiprecious gems in settings for necklace, rings, and bracelets. All three of us were drawn to this one stone.


My new friends began to teach me how to tell if a stone is meant for you or not.


“Simply hold the stone face down in the palm of your left hand and see if you feel anything,” the husband said


“Wow,” I said as the stone heated up my hand.


Intrigued, I tried other stones with very little success. Interesting.


“Now place the stone in your left hand again, close your fingers around it and open your mind. “Hear its message for you,” they both guided me.


I did, and one word came to mind: “Open” I said aloud. I wasn’t sure what it meant at the time, but it would become clear as a bell.


At that evening’s gala dinner, with all of us dressed in our finest, I not only made connections but was gifted with the opportunity to open my mind to new thoughts, worlds, and ways of being. I felt so honored to be with these women who directly help other women around the world, particularly in Afghanistan. Women who have spent their adult lives connecting totally with nature and working to bring the natural world — which can seem so elusive and far away — to so many people. Women who have endured incredible challenges, and instead of curling up and fading away, they grew and bloomed. Women of character, strength, courage, and purpose.


For example: A very special woman who was once an ex-runway model, is now a white lion protector and educator.  I had never known about white lions, but through her I learned how extremely important these beautiful, majestic beings are to our world. Looking into the eyes of these lions in the photographs, I found myself connecting and understanding.


And yes, I sold a few books and finished three blogs — this being one of them. Because I surrendered the “how,” I received more than I could ever have imagined.  The experience was so much more magical and fun than if I had decided to sit and worry about how I was going to make the most out of my situation or how I was going to sell the most books or make the most important connections.


Surrendering the “how” takes having faith that you will receive your goal. I always find that when I surrender the “how” it opens my mind to opportunities I never would have seen if my mind was only focused on the “how”.  The friends I met on my trip will be friends for life. We will help each other along our career. Not to mention the women who I felt so honored to meet and will aspire to be of such great and positive influence as they have in lives. By having the faith that my intention will become reality and walking forward with persistence and openness, I received much more which will always remain in my memory.


So give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to receive.   The Universe will provide you with all the gifts and growth you need.


Let go and discover.


Light and Love always!