In the last few months I have learned even more about how our thoughts and beliefs can hold us back from creating a better life, obtaining our dream or just being happy.

When I decided I wanted to be happy and have a happy life, I yelled it to the Universe/God. It was a firm decision. The Universe heard me and sent me books, videos and most of all – mentors. Each mentor taught me special lessons that not only helped me create my happiness but helped me to rise above a very difficult divorce. I dare not to think of what my life would be without these amazing mentors and lessons. I also thank myself and the Universe. Every beautiful opportunity the Universe sent I greeted with enthusiasm and being ready to learn. I never looked at the “how,” or would I have the time, could I afford it and what would my family think? These thoughts did not enter my head. The more I learned the more my life improved – leading me to want to learn more.

Now I am the mentor guiding people to their own Authoritative Control so they can be the Master of their Life and celebrate the Joy, Abundance and Success they deserve. I have been blessed to already have helped thousands create lives they love or obtain their goals.

However, for each person I have worked with, there are two more I wished had allowed me to help. What makes a person ready to take advantage of the opportunities raining down upon them? Is it the firm decision or the deep desire or the uncompromising belief that they deserve more? I believe it is a combination of all three.

When my first mentor was presented to me I actually called him and asked how much would it be to study with him. He wasn’t even mentoring people at the time. Even funnier is that I didn’t have the money. But something inside me said it was time for me to buckle down and figure this happiness thing out. I deserved a happy and fulfilling life.

Even with everything I have learned I am still amazed when others do not open their hearts to opportunities. Even when they are so very unhappy, even tortured inside, they still come up with reasons why this is not the time. It could be money, business, their dog ate the application form or whatever. Somehow they just can’t get themselves to step away from their circumstance. They can’t find it within to take the chance being offered to them.

Worse still, sometimes I see or get to talk to these people and they are still in the same place they were last time we spoke two years before. Amazing!

I have a wonderful friend Carol who read my new book and was kind enough to tell me what it did for her. She said, “When I was young in my thirties I had no doubt that I could do anything. I was brave. Something happens when we get older. Life’s events seem to cause you to think you can’t do it. But now I am back – that is what your book gave me.”

Okay, this is not a free advertisement for my book. It is a very important point. Life can make us doubt the confidence we had in ourselves. It can make us feel we are not strong enough. It can simply wear us down.

Is this an excuse – NO! This is when we look inside ourselves and see that brave, even brazen little girl or little boy. You remember the confidence, the strong desires and the why-not attitude. This is you! This is you before you allowed the world to change you!

Meditate two times a day. Get to know this person again – enjoy! Would this young person allow themselves to stay anywhere if they were not happy? Did not feel good about themselves? Or were not achieving what they wanted? NO! Didn’t you always find a better way? A solution?
This is the person who would jump at an opportunity to better their lives. This is the person you need to rely on. It is time to bring this person back. You can do it! In fact, you can do it even better because of the life you have had. You are the amazing person you have been looking for all your life.

No one deserves to better their life than you. No one deserves to be as happy as you. No one deserves to live their dream as much as you!
So grab that application form back from the dog, know in your heart the money will be there – it has to be, it is meant to be. The whole Universe is waiting for you to take that first real step!
The time for waiting is OVER!

Light and Love my dear friends,