Wow, I just want to thank everyone for the awesome questions. This week’s Q&A covered areas with relationships, purpose, and forgiveness. What I loved the most about this week’s episode is that these are questions on many peoples minds – we can all benefit from the answers. We are all on this journey of life and discovery – how fun it is to share and learn from each other!

Explore with us:

  • Why do we seem to attract a type of person into our lives that we don’t want to attract.

  • The issue of controlling another person

  • Techniques to bring in the person you do want in your life.

  • What is my purpose?

  • How do I go about finding it?

  • How will I know it when it comes to me?

  • How to unlearn “doing what your suppose to do.”

  • The power of forgiveness – the key to true freedom.

  • Why do we want to forgive those horrible people. LOL

  • Hangups – how they really can hang us up in our life

  • My favorite quote???!!! – How I love quotes.

And much more … Enjoy and keep the questions coming!