This episode is truly life changing. A respected psychiatrist and an expert in psychotherapy, Dr. Tina Chadda is the perfect person with whom to discuss happiness and desire.

This episode is for everybody, because who doesn’t want to live a happier, more fulfilled life?

In her interview, Dr. Chadda explains that it’s okay to let yourself feel negative emotions.

When we are able to acknowledge what we are feeling without judging ourselves and without shame, we can name that emotion, and through naming and acknowledging that emotion, we can tame it.

Ultimately, we need to be patient with ourselves, respect ourselves, and love ourselves. What a relief!

Remember, underneath the turbulence of shame, grief, and self loathing, we come to the center of our self nature: what is good and pure in us.

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Dr. Chadda also suggests that it’s okay to acknowledge and stay in touch with our desires, because when we are out of touch with our desires, we become apathetic.

Keep your heart open to your own desires. It keeps you moving forward, you become creative, and you try new things.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

What desires do you have in your life that keep you propelling forward and reaching for more? What tools do you use to create happiness and harmony in your life?