It Really Is That Simple!

So, is it Yes or No? This is the question I ask myself every time an opportunity knocks at my door.

This question is a valid question and when we look at this simply, it gives us the clarity to know when we are allowing our opportunities to pass us by.

Joseph Campbell states it the best: an opportunity is an adventure – at least this is my interpretation. Do I want this adventure or not?

“The question in life is whether or not you

Are going to answer a

Hearty “Yes!” to your


For those who know me well, I love an adventure! When my boys were smaller I would always say, “Well, we are going on an adventure.” They soon learned that this phrase was used every time we were lost. Sometimes our “adventures” would lead to a charming small town to explore or a forest begging us for a hike. I have always said that adventures may be going into the unknown but lead to a treasure.

When I was singing in Europe, my friends and I went to an outdoor market in Italy.  They all soon tired but I was after the perfect leather skirt. Soon I was alone looking for my skirt and alone walking back to where we were staying. Of course, I got lost and found myself strolling down the back alleys of Florence. Little boys were playing soccer, women were talking to each other out the windows and the smell of marinara fill my nostrils. It was heaven.

Opportunities/Adventures enter our lives every day – some are big and some are small. My desire to jazz up my day and stop to shop at a cozy dress shop led me to meeting the shop owner, who was following me on social media. Our conversation led to my event I was planning and before I knew it, she was my biggest sponsor. And taking a class I didn’t really want to take and didn’t need led me to teaching hundreds of others the awesome tools I learned. This led me to realize that I needed to write a book to help everyone who wanted the help so they could lead happier and abundance-filled lives.

From working and speaking with many others, I have learned that some find it very hard to say a “Hearty Yes” to opportunities/adventures. The fear of the unknown, the lack of trust, the doubt and worry all hold them in an unhappy, but safe place – or at least they feel it is safe.

People will work at jobs because they feel it is stable. Women or men will stay in a marriage where they have lost who they are, feel miserable and rely on drink or drugs to feel sane, only because of the money or lifestyle. And some will keep making the same mistake over and over and over because they become comfortable with the mistakes.

Do adventures/opportunities come to these people every day? Yes; however, they do not see them or if they do they come up with excuses why they need to stay in their comfort zone. At a dinner party I asked everyone if they had experienced an Ah-ha moment but had not taken the lesson from that moment and changed their life. Amazingly, 60% said that they had experienced Ah-ha moments many times and no, they did not act on them.


I fully believe we came to this amazing planet to experience, go on adventures and fully live. Will every adventure turn out the way we want – no! However, if you open your mind to trust, you will be amazed at the gifts, love, lessons and help you will receive. It is opening your heart to life!

Today, if an opportunity/adventure appears, give a “Hearty Yes” and take the bull by the horns and experience it. It will enrich your day – your life — in ways you will always remember.

Just jump, the Universe will catch you!


Light and Love always,