Everyone has a spirit that can be refined,

a body that can be trained in some manner,

a suitable path to follow.

You are here to realize your inner divinity and

manifest your innate enlightenment.

~ Morihei Ueshiba

When I first read this quote, I wasn’t sure I agreed. I did not like the part, “Everyone has a spirit that can be refined…” I have always taught that our spirit – our essence is where our beauty, compassion, strength, dreams and true self exists. How could it be refined? It is already perfect.

I was wrong!

Our soul/essence can be “refined”. Not only can it be refined, it’s sole purpose in our physical bodies is to experience and it’s desire is for greater expression and expansion (creating and growing).

With each desire that comes from the beauty of our essence that we choose to make our reality our soul/essence is refined or even better, grows stronger and more beautiful. As we see our desire become our creation through us and shape our reality, we then, begin to understand the real meaning of life. We gain more realization of our “inner divinity”.

Once we understand the old belief/paradigms or my very favorite term “false masters”, fall away. The awareness of our inner divinity and divine ability overrides the doubt, worry or disbelief. We finally understand!

Yes, our soul can be refined. In fact, it grows bigger and bigger with every reality we knowingly create.

It truly is a Beautiful World! It is Our World!