Freedom Awakening Event

Freedom Awakening Event

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A recent study from John Hopkins Medicine found that 1/3rd of people with a family history of heart disease were less likely to have a heart attack or “other cardiovascular event within 5 to 25 years” if they enjoyed a positive outlook on life.

Holding on to negative emotions such as anger, hostility, hurt, betrayal, indecision or the worry of “should I or shouldn’t I syndrome”, can have long lasting, negative effects on your body, mind and your Life!

Letting Go and feeling the Freedom, Positive Outlook, and Happiness is the secret to living a long healthy life.

Alena Chapman’s Freedom Awakening Event is a special signature event, specifically designed to help you let go – freeing you to start building that Amazing Future that’s just waiting for you.

The Freedom Awakening Event:

  • Relieve the stress, heartache and pressure of what you are holding on to.
  • Escape from the Paralysis of the Past and begin to Live your Future.
  • Eliminate the harmful effects of stress that ‘holding on’ has on your body.

What is Freedom Awakening?

 “Freedom Awakening” is an Event like nothing you’ve ever participated in before. Every morning is a new beginning and you’ll experience the dawn of your new You.

This is an outdoor event including tenting on the lawn. It’s about becoming close to nature while finding the natural you.

The evening will be about discovering and releasing limiting beliefs that are keeping you from moving forward with your dreams and desires.

As part of this natural experience, you will sleep in a tent with the anticipation of the early morning freedom awakening. The morning sun will bring you to a new level of self-awareness and high consciousness from which anything is possible.

So ‘put-to-bed’ the old you and bring on the new ‘I-can-do-anything’ you.

If you’re interested in learning more about this over-night transformation, please contact us with this form or call 260-409-7175.

$835.00 (save $15 when you pay in full)

Or 2 easy payments of $425

Freedom Awakening Event