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Being a Victim in Your Divorce

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I was in shock, hurt, and afraid. Not only was I grieving a failed relationship, but I had kids depending on me to hold it together. There were new habits and schedules to get used to, new responsibilities, and new feelings of emptiness in my heart. Now add all the...
How I Learned the Most Valuable Lesson; Letting Go!

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Sometimes we are so ready to move forward — to achieve, create, or make a change in our lives — only to find we continue to stand still. We seem to be doing everything right, but something is holding us back. It was time for me to move forward in my life. During a...
Have a DREAM?

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Have a dream. Write it down and make it a goal. Break it down and make it a plan, and a plan backed by action turns your dream into a reality. If it were this formulaic I think that everyone would be doing it. So what is the missing piece? Well, I’m sure there are...

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I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest on the Word and Spirit blog’s Seven Questions Series! I answered seven really great questions about my book, how I apply my tools in my personal life, and what exciting things are coming up next! Read it and let me...