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Becoming Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable – EP 6

buy diflucan

The opposite of average is crazy, so says Cedrick Harris, millionaire, CEO of Team Takeover Marketing Inc., author, and mentor. He’s on this week with your host Alena Chapman, encouraging you to get crazy, because after all, being average is just being the...
It’s All About a Fresh Start – EP 5

buy diflucan usa

Berny Dohrmann is the CEO and Founder of CEO Space and this week he’s chatting with your host Alena Chapman about the importance of a fresh start. Are you a struggling entrepreneur? Are you looking for ways to grow your business? What about all you burnt out...
Fear and Doubt – EP 4

order diflucan overnight

Fear and doubt are apart of life, they tap dance around us leading to the critic in our mind to act out. So what do you do with the fear and doubt? Amy Applebaum, Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Author, along with your host Alena Chapman, unpack the ways you can deal...
Get to know your host, Alena Chapman – EP 2

order diflucan online uk

Get to know your host, Alena Chapman! She is an author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. She has dedicated her life to helping others discover their true desires and create happy, fulfilling lives. Alena has studied self-improvement for over 10 years and she has ...
Perspective: Be In the Moment – EP 3

order diflucan online

Fear stops us from performing at our highest level because we are not in the moment. Luckily, its a trainable skill. Join your host Alena Chapman and special guest, Harinder Singh, as they go through the steps to win the war within and knockout the anxiety so you can...
30 Minute Moments Intro – EP 1

buy cheap diflucan

Get to know your host, Alena Chapman, best-selling author, mentor and speaker. During 30 Minute Moments, she’ll challenge you to get out of the doldrum and start living your life to fullest. In just 30 minutes, Alena will help you take control and push you to do...