“What do I want to do with my life?”

This is what my special guest Sandra Gallagher of Proctor Gallagher Institute answers on a daily basis with programs like Thinking Into Results. Sandra went from a career as an esteemed corporate lawyer dealing with billion dollar transactions to a career as a partner in the Proctor Gallagher Institute with none other than Bob Proctor himself. In this career, she helps people change their lives and open up their awareness.

Join us and discover:

  • How facing our fears can lead into transforming our lives into lives we can’t even imagine.

  • Comfort is a dangerous place to be. Why?

  • How one person, book, or event can change your whole life.

  • Personal, dynamic level and how it can inhibit our lives and our dreams

  • If I got to be free, I gotta be free

  • How often do we feel drawn to do something we want, but instead listen to the “nay-sayers” in our head?

  • Visualizing: Visioneering. Why affirmations?

  • Coming up with affirmations to aid us with our visualizing

  • The key to visioneering

  • How does visioneering alter our vibration?

  • How do we stop forcing, fighting, or giving  up?

  • Turning on the light switch

  • How visualization quiets the confusion and fear

  • Affirmations: Why do they work?

  • How do we get our emotional mind to accept affirmations?

  • Are affirmations everything you need?

  • Discussion of types of visualization; what do they all have in common?

  • The power of choice! Visible around us or invisible within us?

  • How to buck the “mass programming”

And much much more …