Big girls don’t cry, but as I sat in my car on the side of a country road on a sunny summer day, it felt like the only thing I could do. Living twelve years in my own prison had left me hurt, confused, isolated, and feeling utterly unaccepted as a person.

But a funny thing happened as I looked up at the clear, deep blue sky. I heard a voice grow inside me, getting stronger and stronger until I finally said out loud, “Enough is enough! I want to love my life. I want to live my life.” Every cell in my body resonated with those words.

God/the universe heard me. All of a sudden teachers, experiences, and opportunities appeared to teach me the tools I needed to break free and live a life full of joy, love, peace, and success. It was amazing! Each tool brought me closer to my new life. The fun part was that I never really knew how each tool would present itself to me.

For example: The day I learned to let go, I was meeting with a dear friend and mentor, Bob Proctor, to decide which way I wanted my life to go and ended up telling him about my divorce, which was three fourths over and preventing me from moving on.

“Let it go!” he said.

My mouth dropped open. “Let it go?”

“Yes, let it go. You are strong and can make it own your own. Let it all go and move on.”

At that moment, I felt at least fifty pounds — well, more like the weight of the world — lift from my shoulders.

Another wonderful tool I learned from a friend at the beginning of my divorce, as I complained about my soon-to-be ex. My friend said, “You should take care of your own circle, and then what others do won’t bother you so much.”

My first thought was that she was insulting me, but a closer look revealed she was right. That wonderful tool of taking responsibility for my life leaves no room for victimhood or blame.

Every day seemed to bring me something to help me learn who I was, what I wanted, and my purpose on this planet.

To think it all started on a country road with tears and a firm decision.

Join me as I bring more tools and stories to help you achieve the awareness you seek and break free into your precious, awesome, and incredible life.

Light and Love always!