I had meetings pretty much back to back for the whole day. As I walked into the garage with my arms filled with preparations for the day’s events, I was greeted with a flat tire on my car.


“You’re kidding. Today?” I heard myself ask.

After contacting the road service center and rearranging my morning meetings, I decided to make a cup of tea, sit on the porch and catch up on some emails while I waited for the man to come and fix my tire.

I noticed three separate spam emails claiming we all need to be nice to everyone around us, because you never know when you will need them to help you or when they will die.

“You’re kidding,” I said again.

Why do we feel we have to receive something in order to be nice to one another? Or are we nice because we live in a state of fear that someone may die?

Every day since I was a young girl, I have felt it was important to spread a light, as I used to call it. Everyone who comes into contact with me leaves feeling happier. At least that is my goal. Never have I thought that I needed to receive anything for being nice. I do it because it is important to share all the goodness, beauty and happiness of life.

When the road service man arrived, I could have complained about how everything was screwed up because of my flat tire, and now I was going to have to drive 40 miles per hour on a spare for the rest of the day. However, it isn’t his fault. He is trying to help, and what good would all the complaining do anyway?

Instead I thanked him for arriving quickly and asked how his morning was going. I ended up in a great conversation about how this man takes in dogs that need homes andfinds them homes. I also learned that he loves to teach — which was great because two of my boys and I learned how to change a flat tire from an expert. I received joy simply by watching three men, younger and older, getting my car ready for a very slow drive.

If I chose to complain and blame, the atmosphere would have been stressful and no learning or fun would have taken place. No one’s life would be better for the interaction we shared.

There is a universal law called the Law of Receiving. Basically it means that by giving with an open heart, we will receive. Giving with an open heart means giving without wanting to receive something in return. If we are nice only to receive something back — that, my friends, is a bargain, not giving.

By caring for others and leaving a little sunshine with everyone I meet, I have a much richer life. A life full of stories, experiences, and most often, true friendships.

Most of us are surrounded by people all day long. Isn’t it silly to only be nice to the ones we feel might pay us back sometime or will die soon?

It is so much more fun and interesting to learn about people and their stories and to bring positive energy into their lives. You never know how much that little bit of sunshine you spread could mean for a person having a difficult time. You could make the difference for them that day.

We are all on this awesome planet together. We are all connected. Why do we need a reason to share the very best of who we are with everyone?

You just never know what you will discover about yourself in the process!