Monday Thoughts

“I was once asked why
I don’t participate in
anti-war demonstrations.
I said that I will never do that,
but as soon as you have a
pro-peace rally,
I’ll be there.”
– Mother Theresa

Mother Theresa, a Saint, role-model and some believe, an angel of mercy. From this quote of hers along with many other things she was heard saying, one can tell that she knew how to look at life. She understood that perception is 100% the name of the game.

By participating in an anti-war demonstration she would be focusing on war. The focus of the whole demonstration is on exactly what they want to stop.

Yes, you could argue that stopping war is good or that their intention is good. And it might rightly be so. However here is the point. By focusing on war in any way, shape or form we are still setting our intention on war. Remember the Universe is neutral. If you are focusing on war or the act of rebelling against war, you are sending a message that you are about war or conflict. Sometimes the things we resist strongly against are the very things that present themselves in our lives. Why? Because that is where our we are putting our focus.

Does that mean we don’t protest? No, but change the focus. Why is it we want to protest? Because we don’t want war or we don’t believe in this war. Why do we not want war? Because we want peace. So why not have a protest on promoting peace.

This is changing the existing model into the model you know will work. You are changing the whole feeling, focus and what the Universe is hearing. Peace!

How many times do we obsess about a problem or challenge in our lives?

Take a new look – create a new model. You may see that the challenge is much easier to deal with than you thought.
When we realize how much we control our outcome than it becomes imperative to focus on what we want the outcome to be.

Can you not change your perception? Do you feel too involved? Take a step back and remember the Universal Law of Polarity. There is always an opposite that defines what you see. If I am having trouble doing math one way then, I step back and take a fresh look for a different or opposite way of solving the math problem.
Perspective not only changes the now but how we deal with the now and how we are creating our future. Do you want Peace? Or do you want war? Your Freedom of Choice.

Light and Love always,