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Breaking Free

Break Free Program is a down loadable, self directed program with workbook. The 12 lessons teach you the tools to Break Free with strength and confidence. some of the tools are awareness of what you have the potential to achieve, acceptance, surrender, forgiveness and it’s vital importance to your freedom, and letting go. Week five includes an Empowering Group with peers from the class. Not only will you Break Free but you will allow yourself to receive opportunities and act on the blessings brought into your life. It is time to get unstuck and start creating the life you love to live...

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Create Your Life

12 week online course. Perfect addition to one-on-one programs or useful as a standalone program. 1 hour per week with Alena online in a group setting. Work together with classmates through a workbook and offer support, ideas, and kindness on your journeys.

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“I feel so honored to be able to work with Alena. Her gifts, tools and insight have helped me bring my long awaited dreams into reality. Thank you, Alena!"


"Thank you Alena for your inspiration and knowledge. I feel your passion and know you want the very best for me. You believe in me which makes me believe in myself."

Linda Jean

"Alena you are one of the most empowering and thought provoking people I have ever known."

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